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8 year old bug (rfe)
Давненько не попадались долго живущие и ржачные баг репорты.

Bug ID: 4057701    Need way to find free disk space
Submit Date 09-JUN-1997
My program could be 100% Java, is this is solved.

Submitted On 03-DEC-1998 Hey guys I really need a call to find the free disk space. I am pretty desperate for this. Please do something as soon as possible...

Submitted On 12-OCT-2001 This 'bug' was reported over four years ago and it seems a fairly fundimental feature to have. Come on, Sun, you've been so good to us - don't let us down now! It can't be that hard to include it in the JVMs?!...

Submitted On 21-JUN-2002 And in which future release will it be considered?!? Would that be my future, or a future in some paralell universe?...

Submitted On 02-DEC-2003 Don't read before 2020!
Ok, so it's year 2020. Two questions for you:
1. Is method getAvailableSpace implemented in some standard Java API?
2. Have they found Hussein Saddam?...

Submitted On 19-MAY-2004 This issue is a perfect example of why .NET is spreading. This RFE was submitted 7 f---ing years ago!...

Submitted On 29-JAN-2005 Nine (9) years from identification of need to projected resolution. Now that is operating on internet time!


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